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Acting Coach


1) One on one sessions

2) Workshops (groups and corporate seminars) 

3) Master classes

4) Host coaching

5) Audition quickie: Last minute help to prep you for that audition you just received and are supposed to be brilliant at by tomorrow. 'Help!' I got you. 


Artist Coaching - Models, musicians, hosts


Naturally many models, musicians and hosts are looking for ways to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Many aspire to dive into acting, or become more skilled in their specific concentration. They just don't have the skill set or confidence they need when going in to be considered for serious roles. I'd love to meet you where you are and help you tap into the most authentic part of who you want to grow into as a complete artist and person. 


Wellness Coaching


Lifestyle makeovers for those who have chosen a life in the arts and for those who have not. This is the most important work for me as a coach. Finding a healthy balance between what you DO and who you ARE. So many determine their self worth based on the job, the success, and booking the gig. Meanwhile, they neglect the MIND-BODY-SPIRIT connect. Many artists and individuals are naturally unhappy and desperate, looking for the business to determine their worth. I'd like to help you become more balanced in those areas, and help co-create the career and life you've always imagined. 


Please contact me for serious inquiries and pricing.


"There is no lack, if you are an actor act; if you are an artist,create"



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