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Who is Joy C. Hooper


Actress. Teacher. Artistic director. Coach. Mind, body, spirit enthusiast. 


This encompasses everything I've been and everything I am. With over 15 years of experience in the professional theater as an actress, private coach and teacher, my passion for health and overall wellness naturally made its way into my sessions with artists. I followed that passion and became a certified health coach.


My Goal


To assist you as an artist/individual in reaching your greatest potential. Our lives are always under construction. When you achieve a goal, reach a certain level of spiritual maturity or artistic success, there's always another level to discover. Today's ceiling is tomorrow's floor. As you evolve and shift, I'd like to take that MIND-BODY-SPIRIT journey with you. We manifest so much in our daily lives based on what we are experiencing internally.  My work is about meeting you where you are to create the life and career you've always dreamed of.


Let's come together and produce your finest work yet. This is about connection and being steeped in your life's purpose in the most healthy way. I'd love to help you experience...





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